Be clear.

Catch fire.

Get stuff done!

Be Clear. Catch Fire. Get Stuff Done!

That’s what’s at the heart of InVizzen. This motto ties together our collection of services – facilitation, strategic planning and implementation, change management, learning strategies and interactive sessions, and simple living experiences. ​

Organizations with big ideas come to us when they are IN a:​

  • Muddle and need a clear path to move from vague notions to concrete plans;
  • Place of opportunity and want a solid strategic plan based on robust engagement with their stakeholders;
  • Bind because they don’t have the resources and/or expertise to implement what’s most important to them;
  • Pickle when they realize their training and education programs aren’t hitting the mark.
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Our Approach

We’ve learned that many performance issues can be chalked up to knowledge to action gaps. If you’ve ever sat through a mind-numbing training session, received out-of-date health care or found it hard to collaborate with others outside your field – you’ve experienced a knowledge to action gap. This means the necessary background information, best practices or research exists yet there are challenges to putting them into practice. 

This is where InVizzen shines. We roll up our sleeves, and apply specialized skills and techniques. You can count on us to be down-to-earth, creative, reliable and fun.

Every day, we’re motivated to support the work of not-for-profit agencies; research teams; health care, social service and ecological organizations, and knowledge mobilization networks. Together, we’ll improve performance, care experiences, health and our environment. 

When can we get started?

These values guide our work:

  • Authenticity – we meet people where they’re at and cultivate new partnerships.
  • Agility – we keep our eye on the steps right in front of us and we go after unanticipated opportunities; we follow our hunches.
  • Curiosity – we’re in awe of what we don’t know and we’re inspired to soak up the most from every experience.
  • Zest – we eagerly take on new challenges and we enthusiastically try to close our own knowledge to action gaps.

“ I’m most comfortable with a colourful marker in my hand, at a flipchart writing great ideas generated by workshop participants. ”
​Sheila Cook

Strategic Planning & Implementation

“ I believe if you can’t put your strategic plan framework on one page, you haven’t done the hard work needed to decide what your organization will and will not do. In addition to facilitating your strategic planning process, we can act as strategic advisors to help you confidently implement your plan. ”
Sheila Cook

Change Management

“ Many of our clients are familiar with change management principles but they’re unsure about how to apply them. We have lots of experience turning change management models into realistic strategies. ”
Sheila Cook

Learning Experiences

“ Rarely is it the case that learners only need to be aware of a process, policy or product. Most times you need them to do certain things to drive performance – take action, follow certain steps, make informed decisions or solve problems. People learn best by doing. ”
Sheila Cook

Simple Living

“ One of our dreams was to provide a space for people to reconnect to a more simple way of living and we believe we’ve found the perfect place in the mountains, valleys and alpine meadows. We’ll help you get there. Also, ask us about how to bring simple living and working ideas into your organization. ”
Sheila Cook


” The activities you did with the group, reminded us about why what we do is important. The questions you asked helped us focus on our strengths and what we have in common rather than get sucked into where we disagree. Now we’re in a better place to collaborate and improve care for our patients. “


” Your team used some really creative ways to get input from all our key informants. We’ve never had this level of engagement before. And you uncovered some important challenges. It was hard to hear but I’m glad you had the courage to bring forward what people
​shared with you. “


” Your coaching about integrating change management and knowledge exchange into our best practice implementation efforts paid off. We have measurable results that show most teams across the region are piloting new processes when before they said there was nothing they could do differently. “


” Wow! I just completed the online learning course. This is truly an award winning worthy piece of work and a significant contribution to our mission integration efforts. It is so well done – captures you- and takes you on huge reflective quiet journey. “


” Thank you for providing this beautiful space. Your expertise, hospitality and understanding made this a wonderful place to return to each day. What you promise – simplicity and slowness – is possible here in ways it might not be anywhere else. “