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Creating meaningful experiences and getting people actively involved is at the core of the InVizzen’s approach. Whether we’re supporting your learning programs, strategic planning efforts, knowledge to practice implementations or simple living goals – you can count on having fun while working on serious matters.



“ I’m most comfortable with a colourful marker in my hand, at a flipchart writing great ideas generated by workshop participants. ”
​Sheila Cook


We serve up workshops to:

  • Gather feedback from patients, clients, employees, policy makers and researchers;
  • Reach consensus on priorities; 
  • Improve skills that will in turn enhance performance;
  • Build the capacity of teams to make quality improvements; and
  • Develop plans to move research results and guidelines into practice.

We create each workshop from scratch because each situation is unique and requires specific techniques to achieve the objectives. 

Strategic Planning & Implementation

“ I believe if you can’t put your strategic plan framework on one page, you haven’t done the hard work needed to decide what your organization will and will not do. In addition to facilitating your strategic planning process, we can act as strategic advisors to help you confidently implement your plan. ”
Sheila Cook

Strategic planning is all about deciding what your organization will do, and equally as important, what it will not do. Where will your organization focus its time, energy and money? Reaching agreement on this question forms the foundation of a solid strategic plan.

It sounds a bit off the wall, but we love strategic planning! We dig deep to understand strengths and opportunities, and then facilitate sessions to identify the building blocks of your plan – vision, mission, values, directions and success factors. Constructing a clear strategic plan is only the beginning. We can help management teams and boards implement and monitor progress. Sometimes teams need new skills or approaches to make their vision and strategic priorities come to life.​

Change Management

“ Many of our clients are familiar with change management principles but they’re unsure about how to apply them. We have lots of experience turning change management models into realistic strategies. ”
Sheila Cook


Helping crews navigate the murky waters of change without getting seasick is one of our specialties. Of course, we’d prefer to help you at the beginning of your change voyage so that we can integrate practical strategies to support people, processes and projects into your plans. However, if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms – resistance, inconsistent performance, strong emotional reactions or people bailing on their responsibilities – then we can hop in and help with course corrections.

Learning Experiences

“ Rarely is it the case that learners only need to be aware of a process, policy or product. Most times you need them to do certain things to drive performance – take action, follow certain steps, make informed decisions or solve problems. People learn best by doing. ”
Sheila Cook

If you’re asking questions like these, chances are you need a strategic learning plan – How do you piece together complex learning needs for a rapidly changing workforce? How do you attract and retain the best talent with lifelong learning as one of your competitive advantages? How do you meet the needs of different generations of learners? 

We keep tabs on trends and the latest developments in the learning sphere. We map out learning strategies, programs and courses based on current best practices. Also, we harness the power of blended approaches (e.g. learning and change management).

Our formula for creating memorable, meaningful learning experiences follows these three steps, which must be handled in this order: 

  • What do learners need to do?
  • In order for them to do these things, what do they need to practice?
  • In order for them to practice these things, what do they need to know?

The elements are the same as conventional learning except for the fact that we completely change the chemistry by turning the traditional formula upside down. This shakes up classroom and on-line learning and puts performance in the forefront. 

Simple Living

“ One of our dreams was to provide a space for people to reconnect to a more simple way of living and we believe we’ve found the perfect place in the mountains, valleys and alpine meadows. We’ll help you get there. Also, ask us about how to bring simple living and working ideas into your organization. ”
Sheila Cook


The idea of simple living is catching on as more of us realize that “always on” is not healthy. Many of us crave more time to slow down and savour each day. 

If this sounds like you – then our Simple Living Camps + Bed & Breakfast is your ticket to time away from your devices, being physically active outdoors, exploring new places and having time to think. Join us in the Austrian Alps for an extraordinary simple living experience. Getting there is easier than you think!

Contact us and get ready to stuff your backpack.

More and more organizations recognize the need to create a different work experiences for their employees. We can show you ways to simplify your workplace, and create a healthier, happier environment.