HI, we’re Invizzen

InVizzen Knowledge Brokers Inc. is the newly formed parent company of InFacilitation, SmoothieLearning and Simple Living Camps.

Knowledge is IN

KNOWLEDGE is the facts, feelings and experience gathered by a person or group.​

    IN tegration
    ​IN novation
    ​IN genuity
​are paths to success in today’s fast
​ paced world.​

​Sheila Cook, the founder of InVizzen, thrives on ideas, strategy, creativity and kick-starting new initiatives. She believes agility and responsiveness are vital. This is why InVizzen does not have a confining organizational structure. Instead, for each project, Sheila matches team members’ strengths to the client’s particular needs.

InVizzen is a play on words and sounds. The German word, Wissen, pronounced Vizzen in English, means KNOWLEDGE.

OUR Team

Sheila Cook, President and Chief Learning Officer

Reinhard Zitzmann, Chief Operating Officer

In addition, we often collaborate with our colleagues

Cheryl Beech,
​Project Coordinator,
Tybe Inc​​

Rob Low,
​Consulting Services Inc​​

Reinhard Zitzmann, President,
​InWissen Interactive Learning Inc